Our Wax

Our Wax

We use coco apricot creme wax. This luxurious wax is a vegan blend of natural apricot and coconut. This wax comes from a renewable source. Our wax is gluten free, cruelty free, vegan, carcinogen free, toxin free, mutagen free and phthalate free. We have listed down below what each one of these components mean. Our candles are hand poured in micro-batches of 12 or less, ensuring that each one meets our quality standards. 

Gluten Free: This one is very easy. This wax does not contain any gluten in it.

Cruelty Free: All of our products here at B. Beauti’ Collection is cruelty free. 

Vegan: Our products contain no animal products or animal derived ingredients.

Carcinogen Free: A carcinogen is an ingredient or chemical known or thought to cause cancer. 

Toxin Free: There are various categories of toxins that can pose harmful health effects from short or long term exposures. This product does not contain reproductive, acute or organ toxins. A reproductive toxin is a substance or agent that can cause harmful health effects on the reproductive system. An acute toxin is a substance that poses significant health effects for immediate or short term exposures. An organ toxin is a chemical that can cause health effects or disease states manifested in specific organs of the body. Our wax does not contain any of these. 

Mutagen Free: A mutagen is a chemical or physical agent that has the ability to change our genetic code. Exposure to mutagen can produce DNA mutations that cause or contribute to diseases such as cancer. 

 We hope you have enjoyed this very informative blog.

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