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Hello! My name is Ashley, the hands and founder of I am Ashley Reid based out of Fayetteville, GA. I was inspired to make clean burning and high-quality candles after complaints from my children and husband about headaches. They would complain when I would burn some of my favorite candles. I decided to stop burning candles for an entire month and no one in the house would complain of headaches. So, after doing it for months and then started back burning I figured out what the common denominator was, and it was the candles I was burning. Along the way it became rewarding and therapeutic for me.

I sought out to make the cleanest- burning candle possible using the best quality ingredients after years of testing. A Our candles are made with all-natural coco apricot creme and scented with high quality fragrance oils that are free from phthalates. We also use FSC approved wooden wicks. Every candle is hand poured in small batched to ensure quality and performance.