Hello! I’m Ashley and I’m the owner of I am Ashley Reid. I get asked alot why candles? Well in this passage I’m going to take you on a journey to answer that question and more. I have always loved candles or anything to make my room smell good as a little girl. I would ask my Granny and my mama to buy some candles. My mom would always go to a brand name store and as a child I loved it. At that time I knew it smelled good and it seemed like there were thousands of scents to choose from. Once I got into middle school the love for it grew even bigger because now I would take my allowance, birthday money, being papa’s favorite girl or having good grades money and buy candles, air freshener, carpet freshener etc. I wanted to make my room, closet or even the computer room smell good. Now, fast forward to adulthood I’m buying plug-ins, car fresheners, shower gels, lotions etc. Not only do I want my house to smell good I want my body to smell good as well.

I’m going to tell you in this passage what made me start thinking about making my own candle brand. Well as you all know now I love candles so that means I would burn them everyday. Everyday would be a different scent. My children would complain that they had headaches so of course I hop into doctor mom to make sure they would be okay. Then if I missed a day of burning a candle they wouldn’t complain. Then my husband would complain that it was too strong or his head hurt. Then I would start getting headaches and I’m like okay now what’s really going on. So I decided to stop burning candles for an entire month and no one in the house would complain of headaches. So after doing it for months and then started back burning I figured out what the common denominator was and it was the candles I was burning. I decided to start a journey on how I can make candles? How can I make them eco-friendly? How can I make them safe for children to inhale? How can I make it to where no one would get headaches? Is there such a thing as a vegan candle? Well I’m vegan so it has to be. 

  Fast forward to late November of 2020 I started researching candle making. I read thousands of passages, watched a lot of YouTube videos, hundreds of hours of testing and joined several Facebook groups to get more informed. I even joined every live video from YouTube creators and Facebook groups to get more information. I said there has to be a company who believes in eco-friendly ingredients for candles and I ran across one that changed everything for me and my brand. I started making candles in December of 2020 and I have been hooked ever since. Making candles and knowing that they are safe is top priority for me. I wanted to create journeys that are health conscious for people, their families and the planet. I have done just that and even more. All products are eco-friendly and so is the packaging. My overall goal is to give you comfort knowing that my products are safe for you and the people you love. 


                                                                                                Love Always,

                                                                                               Ashley (CEO)