Where is I am Ashley Reid based?

I am Ashley Reid is a business registered in Fayetteville, Georgia where all products are handmade from scratch is small batches to insure a quality product, shipped and packaged. 

Where do you ship your products?

At this time I am Ashley Reid only ships in the US. At this time we are not offering international shipping. We look forward to making international shipping an option soon. Please check back to see if the option is available.

Do you offer local pickup?

At this time I am Ashley Reid do not offer local pickup.

How long will it take to receive my order?

You can read shipping and processing time here

What is the return/exchange policy?

You can read return/exchange policy here

 What if a product I want is out of stock?

You can sign up for the wait list to be notified when product is back in stock. This option will be available for products that are out of stock on the product page.

Why can I only add a certain amount of product quantity?

This means you're trying to add more than what's available for purchase. Our platform keeps track of our inventory and accepts orders accordingly unless the item is on pre-order. 

Do you offer samples?

All orders come with a complimentary sample card of a product from our line. 

What type of wax do we use?

I am Ashley Reid uses coco apricot creme wax which provides a cleaner burn, longer burn time and with minimal soot. This luxurious wax is a vegan blend of natural apricot and coconut. This wax comes from a renewable source. Our wax is gluten free, cruelty free, vegan, carcinogen free, toxin free, mutagen free and phthalate free.

What type of Fragrance oil do we use?

I am Ashley Reid uses fragrance oils that are high quality, richly scented and phthalate free. They do not contain the following carcinogens, reproductive toxin, acute toxin, organ toxin and they are cruelty free. 

Where do you source your materials and ingredients?

We source our supplies and ingredients from reliable wholesale suppliers. 

Are your products handmade?

Yes! Here at I am Ashley Reid every product is handmade from scratch. 

Are your products cruelty free?

Yes! We do not test on animals.

Can I contact you if I have a question about my order?

Absolutely! We would love to hear from you. Please contact us at if you need any assistance. 

Can I purchase any of your products as a gift?

Yes, any of our products can be purchased as a gift. During checkout in the note section please type the word GIFT. This will make us aware that it is a gift so receipt will not be placed in packaging. Also, if you do not know what to get as a gift we do offer gift cards that will be sent via email.

I lost my candle care card. Where can I find the candle care information?

You can find the candle care information by clicking on the tab Candle Care Guide on our website. You can also click here

My candle is not performing the way that I expected. What should I do?

Please refer to our Candle Care Guide, our candle care blog  and if you have further questions, feel free to contact us at