Wax Melts Care Tips

Wax Melts Care Tips

Break off desired amount of wax melts/snap and melts depending on room size.

Place on top of wax warmer and be careful NOT TO OVERFILL.

KEEP OUT of reach of children and pets.

DO NOT leave warmer on no more than 2-3 hours at a time.

DO NOT touch warmer while burning.

DO NOT leave your warmer burning unattended.

DO NOT discard your used wax down your drain.

DO NOT add water to your warmer.

Use a wax warmer that is specifically designed for wax melts.

Warmer must be placed on flat, flame retardant and uncluttered surfaces

Use wax melts/snap and melts in warmer as many times as you like until fragrance is gone.

When the wax is cooled take a paper towel or cotton ball to wipe remaining wax.

Please remember our wax melts/snap and melts are hand poured, & although every effort is made to ensure consistency, every wax melt/drip bar will be a little different.

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